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 Uwe Loellmann  

1955 Born in Germany
1979-84 Studied pottery at Horst Kerstan
1985 Own studio, built an anagama-kiln
1987 Travelled to Korea and to Japan to visit many ceramic sights
1992 Built a new anagama-kiln, fired big plates
1996 IWCAT-workshop at Tokoname, Japan
1999 Invitation for Woodfire-Conference, Iowa University, Iowa, USA
2002 Invitation for Aomori Woodfire FestivalĀ 
2004 new anagama-kiln
2004 Woodfire- Conference, CO-College Cedar Rapids, USA
2005 Invitation to Korea
2008 Exhibition with Jun Isezaki and Jeff Shapiro
2009 Visits Jun Isezaki in Bizen, Japan 


1990 Award, City-Ring Singen
1991 1.price, Contemporary Ceramics, Offenburg
1992 State Award of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Award of Karlsruhe
2002 Price of the state Hessen, Frankfurt
2003 Diessen Ceramic Award
2004 Bavarian State Award, Munich